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E-Consignments documents

  • E-Handing over Consignment note data

In E-Handing over Consignment note data module you can record consignment note data in clear e-forms and samples which may be saved in the Rail Cargo Hungaria system. You can easily mail consignment notes! No need for purchasing, printing and sending it by regular mail. Store your data on DVD. Old consignment notes can be easily searched on DVD in PDF and XML format. It contains all data which are featured in the paper consignment note and can be electronically processed.

  • E-Consignments note (in the system-system contact)

By using E-CONSIGNMENT NOTE, you clear out issuing the paper-based Consignment Note by a certified electronic version. This may not ONLY be used in the system-system contact. In this module you must handle the transformation into XML file and the certification in your own informatics system.


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