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I would like to transport

Would you like to transport?

In order to implement your transport request, you will have to know the answer to the following queries:


What would you like to transport? – type of goods, NHM code: the unique identifier of the goods

The type of goods has to be identified by both its name and by its code given in the NHM.


What quantity would like to transport? – quantity of goods, expressed in tons

From where? – dispatching station, where the goods will be loaded for transport


To where? – receiving station, where the goods will be transported

The stations open for dispatching and receiving goods for transport are listed in Manual #1)

The Freight Traffic Restrictions (ÁFK) module accessible on the company's website offers you more information on effective freight traffic restrictions applying to the station of origin, or destination of the consignment, which should be taken into account while planning the transport.

Our freight tariff and manuals are currently only available in Hungarian. If you need any further information, please contact our colleagues at the following e-mail address: ugyfelszolgalat@railcargo.com

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