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Consignment Note

The consignment note is practically a transport contract in five copies to be concluded between the Client and RCH, in which the supplied data has been agreed on by both parties.

The invoice will subsequently be made out on the basis of the consignment note, and it will also serve as a means of identification for the Client in case of any inquiries about the freight, and it is also required in case of possible complaints.

The consignment note is to be filled in by the Consigner, to which RCH provides a cost bearer ID with which the Client can subsequently be identified on the consignment note.


The consignment note

- can be purchased from RCH at the locations specified in the station list, and filled out by hand.

- can be printed out from the sample in Annex 7/1 of Manual #2 (page 57.), and filled out by hand. 

The filled in consignment note should be delivered to one of the locations specified in the station list.

Our freight tariff and manuals are currently only available in Hungarian. If you need any further information, please contact our colleagues at the following e-mail address:ugyfelszolgalat@railcargo.com.


Use our online E-Freight system for faster administration, process handling and data exchange.


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Our Clients can electronically record their consignment note data into the system of Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. in the Electronic consignment note data transfer module, with the help of easy-to-fill forms and downloadable templates.

The module makes consignment note administration easier and faster.

No need to buy and print out a paper-based consignment note, no need for posting the consignment note.

The consignment note details can be stored in PDF and XML formats, making it easier and faster to look up old consignment notes. The electronic consignment note contains all the data that is on the paper-based consignment note, and can be processed electronically.


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