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Further information

Use our online E-Freight system for faster administration, process handling and data exchange.

The E-Freight system offers you a wide range of further electronic solutions to enable you to follow your freight-related administration online without difficulty.




The service provides access to invoices prepared for our Partners with pdf-formatted invoice images and electronically processable invoice information. The files are compatible with various applications.





elektronikus szamlareklamacio

The electronic invoice complaint makes the administration of invoice-related complaints easier  for our Partners.

Our Partners do not have to wait for the receipt of the paper-based in voice to launch an electronic invoice complaint. Rail Cargo Hungaria accepts the certified invoice copies accessible in the INVOICE INFO module for the consideration of complaints, thereby significantly reducing the administrative period.




The service offers daily current account statements to our Partners of their accounts managed by Rail Cargo Hungaria in an Excel format. We handle the forint-based and foreign currency based settlements separately, indicate freight account numbers, currency exchange rates, the date of preparation, due and performance of the invoice, as well as the invoice-related transactions.




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