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Best achievement so far in RID consignment freight

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Our company has always been striving to entirely meet domestic and international laws and all security requirements concerning hazardous consignment freight. A dominant benchmark for us is UIC leaflet 471-3, the comprehensive and crucial international railway regulation, which we started applying in 2006 upon our achievements until then. This membership is the condition for the conveyance of hazardous goods among railway companies applying the aforementioned leaflet at border stations with the principle of trust.

Additionally, it is also the condition for the conveyance of reduction of the stay at border stations with the principle of trust for freight rail cars, carrying RID consignments as well. The committed professional work that was restructured in 2009, significantly speeded up the accomplishment of the pinned up targets, reaching the level of exemplary railways, which we accomplished by now. The percentage of failures measured by the strict examinations, decreased from 20% to 4,3%. Compared to other railways it is the largest decrement. The most determining development was achieved in 2011, when we improved by more than 50%. The significant and continuous improvement is due to the conscious professional concept, upon which we developed our RID consultancy network at our company in 2009. This required the effort of our company and our colleagues regarding professional training and finishing successful official exams. The duty of the consultants in the network is to promote the smooth running of traffic of dangerous goods with inspections, trainings, and customer visits. Rail Cargo Hungaria introduced the RID team in the beginning of 2010. Due to the introduction we have improved our success. The specialists of the team control the hazardous consignments, do the quality control upon the UIC leaflet, handling, examining and doing preventive measures upon the RID-Meldungs (reports).

We particularly focus on the constant contact with our clients, advising on joint assessments and problem solving together. Our Company - as the continuously improving indexes show - strives with every means to further improve our achievements.


The RCH RID team:

Team leaders:

Árpádné Hudák

Júlia Hőgyéné Papp


Team members:

Szombathely: László Horváth

Budapest: Marianna

Kasnyik Szeged: Sándor Herke

Győr: Erzsébet Haszán

Miskolc: Zoltán Zibriczki

Záhony: Tünde Pajtás

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