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RCH took part in organizing this year’s international military transport conference

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The 15th international military transport conference took place between April 27-28th in Budapest. Hungary being the EU president made the event even more special. Beside MÁV, the main organizer, Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. took an active part in the organizational duties. Since RCH is the number one rail freight partner of the Hungarian Defence Forces, the program carried a great importance for the company. Most of the invited guests are engaged with over size, nuclear and other special shipments beside military transportations. Therefore the meetings and the cultivation of personal relations performed during the conference raised the value of the meeting for Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt.

The opening took place in the royal waiting hall of Nyugati Railway Station. Dr. Mosóczi László, General Deputy Manager for MÁV Zrt. and Infrastructure Manager in Charge, greeted the participants. Dr. Mosóczi said MÁV joined the European military transportations during the South-European conflicts. In the interest of optimizing the international duties, the first conference was held in 1996 with representatives of armies and of railways executing military shipping. As an impact of the first meeting in Gárdony, where the organizing part, the different technologies and questions concerning the tariff management were parts of the subject, annual military conferences have been held, each year in a different European country. Appx. 50 Hungarian and international specialists participated at the Hungarian and English bilingual program this year.
(Left to right: Czupponné Bratl Mária (RCH),
Kókai Ernő (Hungarian Defence Forces), Dr. Mosóczi László (MÁV), Földházi György (MÁV), Lawani Alex (Interpreter))

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