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Rail Cargo Hungaria is prepared

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Intermodal carriage, loading time free of charge, special price for grains at forwarding block trains.

We created a wagon park available with a capacity, which is practically limitless for the agricultural season - said Imre Kovács, Chairman-CEO for Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. to Világgazdaság (World Economy Hungarian daily newspaper). Besides, new solutions are drawn up in the interest of the smooth transportation of cereals, by attaching the Danubian ports.  Kovács pointed out, that the company introduced several new arrangements in order to increase the international competitiveness of the Hungarian grain, by up-to-date logistics solutions. Rail Cargo Hungaria is ready in every respect for the burdens expected for the season.

At the time being, the experiences of the first quarter of this year show, that the market of cereals is moderate. Until the end of April, 270 thousand tons less grain was shipped, than last year in the same period. This is understandable, since the engross price of wheat and corn has been falling from the beginning of the year and does not reach the level of last year. 3 million tons of grain is stored in the intervention warehouses, but scheduling the transportation of them depends on the this year's harvest. No matter how it turns out, the company is able to meet the claims by continuously developing its device park, expanding the wagon capacity in the international railway cooperation and enlarging its self-relying traction. They expect a more significant expansion of the traffic, 50-60 thousand, maximum, 80 thousand tons from September. Out of the 12 thousand wagons of the company, 700 is special grain carrier. This is enough for the arrangement of a yearly average cereal-traffic. Wagons beyond this are rented from other companies, or are assured in the framework of the international co-operations.

In the middle of May, an agreement was made between them and the Croatian, Slovenian and the Italian railways about creating a joint car pool (a wagon park available for all parties), which will manage the grain export to Italy - Kovács said. Hungary and Italy participate by 40-40% and the share of the Slovenian Railways is 20%. They agreed on the fees as well, therefore the cooperation may begin whenever claims show up.  Another recent sequel is the agreement with DB, the German railways, on the improvement of the grain carriage into Western Europe. In this context, they created a 50-50 percentage ratio joint car pool as well, which will be used as a function of the claims. The company group of the parent company Rail Cargo Austria, has 30 thousand wagons in total, consequently the company faces a wide range of opportunities.

Building a competitive, up-to-date, flexible service provider company, Rail Cargo Hungaria stepped into a new phase in development. In the interest of the aforementioned, it improves the self reliant traction capacity in the interest if partly cutting free from the capacity problems of other companies. The modern electric engines are driven by one hundred skilled, highly qualified engine drivers, 23 and at the end of the year 29 out of them will be at the company's disposal. The same aim leads the company at establishing the most up-to-date informatics process-control systems. Beside many others, these systems make the clients be able to arrange their logistics tasks with a lower financial input.

An example for the economic significance of arrangements in informatics is establishing the service-optimizing system. As a result, the company decreased the number of kilometers necessary for reaching destinations, by a yearly average 17%, and proportionately the cost of energy, the infrastructure fee and of course the time availed for carriage. In the interest of efficient services, the company welcomes other solutions as well; it cooperates with water transporters. During the culmination of grain carriage, the crop is transported to Csepel, Baja and Adony ports and is forwarded to the destinations on water ways. The most important are: Koper, Rijeka and Constanca. The subsidiary, Rail Service Hungaria Kft. (until now it was known as MÁV Kombiterminál Kft.) is engaged in advanced negotiations to obtain a portion of property in the operation of Adony port in the interest of increasing the export traffic by rail.

During the preparation of this season, the company has brought several provisions, which make easier the situation of the customers and in the same time serve the maintenance of the competitiveness of the company - as the Chairman CEO said. He also mentioned that the company assures a loading time free of charge of 24 hours for the freighters and guarantee a special grain price for forwarding block trains. One of the elements of the aforementioned is the degressive cost of carriage, namely the unit fee decreases in the ratio of the growth of distance and volume. Imre Kovács also spoke about activity optimizing of Rail Cargo Hungaria in all areas of its operation and that the market evaluates is as positive.  The indicator of this fact is that compared to the previous year, the market leading rail freight company received a 10% larger traffic from the customers in the first quarter.


(source: Világgazdaság, www.vilaggazdasag.hu )

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