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Forum Train Europe board meeting in RCH office building

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Forum Train Europe (FTE) held their board meeting April 18th in the Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. office building. Mária Czupponné Bratl Vice President was the chair of the meeting. The organization holds two board meetings a year. The Hungarian members of the organization are: MÁV-Start, RCH, CER Hungary, GySEV and GySEV Cargo, Train Hungary. Rail Cargo Hungaria is a traditional member of the European Railway organization seated in Bern, Switzerland.

The significance of FTE is that it is a platform for coordination among the railway companies in order to harmonize the international operations plans and the schedules. Simultaneously makes a duty of supporting railway passenger and cargo traffic beyond borders. It provides market oriented services for all their members so to be able to plan the new European traffics.

FTE is a 140 year old organization and the number of their members increase. The participants prepared at the first board meeting this year all details for the general meeting in May. Mr. Hans-Jürgen Spillmann President will retire soon and the new President Candidate is Mr. Stephan Andreas Pfuhl, who personally introduced himself. The 45 year old young professional obtained his diploma at University of Bayreuth, Germany, from business administration, banking and finance and marketing majors. Mr. Pfuhl continued his studies in the U.S. of A. The presidential candidate worked at different executive positions at Deutsche Bahn before and currently works as Head of long distance traffic at Swiss Federal Railway  (SBB AG).

The passenger and goods transporting workgroups presented about their half year work. Besides they consulted about the preparations for the executive meeting and the contact with Rail Net Europe (RNE). RNE functions parallel FTE and both play significant roles in the sector, therefore their cooperation is of high importance. The president candidate's introduction was special and successful in the evaluation of the participants.

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