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The Rail Cargo Hungaria subsidiary has also changed name

on .

Rail Service Hungaria is the new name of MÁV Kombiterminál

MÁV Kombiterminál, the 100% Rail Cargo Hungaria property company has changed name: it continues its activity as Rail Service Hungaria.

The reason for the name change is the significant change in the company profile compared to the earlier years. The activities of the company - in function since 1996 -, were the followings: the operation of combined carriage helping terminals, the container division, the operation of internal railway works, the cargo alignment, and the management of MÁV Zrt. property containers. In the past one and a half years, the client claim and professional experience related focuses have been rearranged in the scope of the company's activities. 

In the context of the company's functional vision, from now on, beside the earlier performed terminal logistics activity, a wide range of railway logistics service is offered for the customers. With the new function, the company may attract a wider potential range of client relations, more customers, than earlier. From the innovation point of view it is of determinative significance. As a consequence of the name change, the Internet site also changes to http://www.railservice.hu/. The central e-mail address changes to: railservice@railservice.hu, as of June 2010.

It is of importance for Rail Cargo Hungaria that beside the changes, the name- and activity-wise renewed subsidiary endeavors to strengthen the good partner relations in between the companies, and the unchanged high quality and customer satisfying service as well.

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