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Welcome to our refreshed home page!

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A new era began in the development of our company as of 1st March 2010. We continue our activity as Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. since the afore- mentioned date, emphasizing the tight co-operation and the steady professional relation with our parent company, Rail Cargo Austria.

The name change expresses the expedient transformation as well, which belongs to the development of our skills, the improvement of the efficiency in our operations and the implementation of our customer-oriented strategy.

During the complete name and image change we made efforts refreshing our home page to meet the requirements of the users better. Consequently when visiting, you may receive a more transparent, more informative web page.

Please check out our service offer, learn more about our refreshed company and study our mission redrafted in the spirit of transformation. You may read our vision as well at this home page.

All fellow workers of Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. wish you a pleasant and useful browsing!

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