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Record Performance in Rolling Road

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The European Union has for years been aiming at moving transport towards sustainability. One of the measures is to direct more and more trucks from road to rail tracks in freight transport. Among the instruments we find differents forbiddings as well as increased road tolls, which seem to be working. In 2009, subsidiary of Rail Cargo Austria operating the Brenner Pass railroads seemed to close a record year with transporting 226 thousands trucks. Despite the record figures so far, it seems that the company can even overcome last year's figures with transporting 60547 trucks in Q1 2010, which is 9039 more than same time last year. The 17.5% increase forecasts 248 thousands Brenner-RoLa this year.

Currently there are 54 shuttle trains every day on the railroad and the marvellous result is due to the average 83.3% maximisation. And still yet to come, this year, expansion of two lines is expected, which allows transport of 4000 more trucks to be transported.

(Source: Kamoinhírek.hu)

Ro-La transport in Hungary

Rail Cargo Hungaria has long been experienced in the special so called Ro-La transport. The company has been keeping the environmental friendly freight transport mode alive through state subsidiary that is provided in form of a discount to the forwarding and transporting partners using Ro-La services.

In 2007, Rail Cargo Hungaria (then MÁV Cargo) transported 33 373 trucks on rail tracks, while this figure was 36 773 in 2008 and 26 457 in 2209. With its „we transport clean" slogan, the company is dedicated to support environmental friendly transport modes, among which one is the important Ro-La transport existing as an alternative to road transport.

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