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Agreement in Principle was issued between the G4 on the support of the Danube Region Strategy

on .

Márkus Imre, Kozák Tamás, Dr. Mosóczi László, Andrási Miklós, Kovács Imre

CEO-s of Railways belonging to G4 group participated at a professional meeting between 15 and 16 April in Hungary. Beside the G4 CEO-s, representatives of the most significant professional associations, CER, UIC and Hungrail, were present on the railway forum, organized on this occasion. The Slovak Railways, GYSEV, ÖBB, MÁV Zrt., MÁV Start Zrt and MÁV Trakció participated in the discussion, where Imre Kovács, Chairman, CEO represented Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt.

An important result of the round table discussion is the Agreement in Principle on the support of the Danube Region Strategy. The chairmen signed the declaration of intent on this subject. The highlights of the Strategy are the followings: environment and nature protection, modernization of transport infrastructure, energy safety and commitments to tasks in migration, demography, climate change and handling global crisis. As a committed supporter of environment-conscious freight, Rail Cargo Hungaria may play an efficient role in the functional implementation of the EU project. The Danube Region Strategy offers a possibility to the company through which it may cooperate with neighbor railways, during completing its steadily backgrounded challenge, on the basis of a professional partnership.  

At the G4 forum, the experts exchanged experiences on the economic crisis effects on the railway segment. They also reviewed the financial performance of year 2009 and the first quarter of 2010, they introduced the newest development and drafted the professional plans for the future. The CEO-s defined the professional directions and grounds in the focus of G4 for the subsequent period.

(On the picture, from left to right: Imre Márkus, CEO for MÁV Trakció; Tamás Kozák, CEO, Chairman of the board for MÁV-START; Dr. László Mosonyi, Deputy General CEO for MÁV infrastruktúra, Miklós András, Chairman, CEO for MÁV and Imre Kovács, Chairman-CEO for Rail Cargo Hungaria)

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