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Performance of carrying goods by rail decreased

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According to the market report of the National Transport Authority (NTA) the carriage volume measured in mio tons was less by 17.7% and the performance demonstrated in commodity ton kilometer was less by 21.7% in the carriage of goods by rail, than in 2009.

The regress has presented itself more powerful henceforward in the international carriage of goods by rail, where the volume of the forwarded goods compared to 2008, dropped back last year by 25,7% to 29,962 mill mio tons and the performance by 24,6% to 6,41 bill mio tons km.

The volume of goods carried in the domestic traffic increased by 11,2% to 12,450 mill mio tons and in the same time the performance measured in mio ton km has decreased by 3,4%. In the domestic traffic, the railways performed 1,327 bill mio ton km.

According to the summary of the NTA, the revenue of those goods carrier railway companies which have an operating permit for the country - on the basis of the preliminary data of the companies - was HUF 83,693 bill in 2009, which is 19,7%,  HUF 20,486 billion less than in 2008.

Upon the NTA, the economic crises made its influence felt explicit in the revenue of the railway sector, but the profitability connected final data of the railway companies will be at disposal when the yearly data will be finished - stands in the market report.

The share of carriage goods by rails decreased further in the complete carriage sector, measure in mio tons, from 15% to 04% in 2008 and in mio ton m from 18.4% to 15.4%.  

By the estimate of the Railway Directorate Dept. of NTA the performance may stabilize on the current level in 2010. Road transportation will make a profit from the increment after the crises, the share of carriage goods by rails will predictably decrease onwards in the total output.

Resource: HVG.hu

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