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Transportation in the Ministry of National Development

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The new Government has been established, with Viktor Orbán in the leading position. Simultaneously the Ministry of Traffic discontinued its existence and merged under the supervision of the Ministry of National Development. The minister is Tamás Fellegi, the state secretary is János Fónagy and Pál Völner became the state secretary responsible for infrastructure, consequently for the transportation as well.

During the hearing in the Parliament Tamás Fellegi spoke about his ideas. Fellegi promised a unified state assets management and a comprehensive statement of state holdings, immediately after the establishment of the Ministry of Development, at the hearing in the Economy and Informatics committee, later in the Audit Office and budgetary committee. The communal transportation will be restructured upon rural development considerations. It will be developed to be competitive with individual transportation. According to the minister, the priority among the public transportation sectors, shall be created for the guided land transport. Magyar Nemzeti Vagyonkezelő Zrt. (Hungarian State Holding Ltd.) shall own all large state owned companies as Szerencsejáték Zrt. (gambling Ltd.), Magyar Posta (Hungarian Post) or MÁV (Hungarian Railways), and shall stay as its property if already one of them.  An investigation will be started on the reason of the double or triple expenses of the highway buildings compared to the neighboring countries. Fellegi told about the introduction of the electric road fee: "If we considered the financial viewpoint only, the road fee is necessary but a broader scope should be considered." In the previous Orbán-era, János Fónagy had worked as the Minister of Transportation and has been leading the Transportation Work Committee of Fidesz. Pál Völner (48) is a Member of the Parliament for Komárom city and the President of the General Assembly of Komárom-Esztergom county.

(resource: Magyar Közlekedés - Hungarian Transportation)

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