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Half a million rail track requests since 2007

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In the first quarter of 2010, Rail Cargo Hungaria requested 20.000 rail tracks from  VPE Kft., Rail Capacity Allocation Office in Hungary. By this exceeded the half millionth order, which was recorded at the Kapella system, the electronic system of VPE Kft. since 2007, successor of Melinda. Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. requests yearly average 1600 rail tracks for daily and weekly transportation to VPE, which is supplemented by several thousands of immediate requests every year.

This year the company accomplished to submit a periodic plan to VPE instead of the yearly schedule. This results - more work of course - but also an easier transparency, planning, computing for Rail Cargo Hungaria and the clients as well.

The market leader of the Hungarian transport of goods by rail continuously develops the level of its service to keep and increase the satisfaction of its clients. This aim is in conformity with the fact that the track request schedule is based on the preliminary draft submitted to the Rail Capacity Allocation Office in Hungary by the clients and therefore it may adjust the parameters of the request to the client claims.

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