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“I feel, the aims of Rail Cargo Hungaria are mine”

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Our engine drivers talk about their new jobs

Mozdonyvezetők Lapja (The Engine drivers' Magazin) investigated the reason why engine drivers chose our company, Rail Cargo Hungaria, to work for, after an often 15-20 years being in service at other companies. The reasons differ but in one question all of them agreed: Rail Cargo Hungaria promises a secure and peaceful future.

József Majorcsik from Miskolc followed the news with attention so he would be able to responsibly decide about the change of his work place when the time comes. Only that quarter decade could have make him stay at his previous company, but the very bad staff morale contradicted it. A picture of a developing company was his vision about  Rail Cargo. "Looking into the future, I think I would have a more secure and more peaceful life as an employee of Rail Cargo Hungaria".

Mihály Bezdán from Szeged has been working as an engine driver for 24 years. When Rail Cargo Hungaria started the recruitment, he felt the chance of fulfilling exciting duties with clear expectations for a new company. His service lasts for 12 hours, his compulsory number of hours is 14 hours and if he would like to, he can overwork. He has already been working for two months for our company and he thinks he has been receiving what he had expected. He drives Taurus locomotives on Rola trains, as far as to Hegyeshalom. "The atmosphere is calm and our leaders do listen to us. We work as a team and I have a feeling that we are colleagues, not just employees."

Sándor Nemesvári from Balassagyarmat does not forget the past 20 years he spent on engines. He had been having back-aches and sunstroke attacks during summer. At Rail Cargo Hungaria he is in service on Taurus locomotives most of the time, in a clean, civilized driver's cab. He feels like the world had opened for him: he travels from Budapest to Hegyeshalom by freight train the same duration as before he traveled from Gyarmat to Vác. Due to the modern vehicles, he is not tired anymore and his back-ache started to disappear.   

Tibor Zsólya from Budapest wanted, but could not go to work in Budapest as an employee of the Traction. He chose our company because of the good work conditions. After ten thousands of kilometers traveled by the V43 series engine, the Taurus locomotive means now the 21st century. "I had been working in the Ferencváros, in the freight train forwarding shift, especially in case of the cargo freight trains, I had to work in outworn, dirty, noisy and windy power cars. The Siemens locomotives of Rail Cargo Hungaria have clean, quiet and air-conditioned driver's cabs, which create real European conditions. In his previous work, the behavior of his managers was unacceptable. He is politely instructed at Rail Cargo, the instructions are simple and consider the engine drivers as colleagues, without raking any retaliations up.   

"Now I work as a colleague of a service providing company. I know that the execution of duties towards affreighters, the carriage of goods on time, rest on me as well. This lays a heavy burden on us, our responsibility is higher, I feel the aims of the company are mine. I had not felt this before. I had not seen anyone else beside the engine driver who considered the running of the train as important. My experience is that the engine drivers are important for the company." 

Adrián Szakál has been interested in the job opportunity from the very first moment.  The engine driver from Hegyeshalom did not consider the financials as the main attraction. The attention of the management was inviting, the short and long term plans they drew, the working conditions. "I liked the idea that the engine drivers have a voice in the daily work and their opinion counts for the management, they are not only heard, but listened to as well. I liked that the approach matches the present day market conditions. I consider my decision as a good one until now and I bravely recommend Cargo to all engine driver colleagues, who already have thought about changing jobs.

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