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New mechanical ventilator, vagons for reconstruction

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Organized charity by Rail Cargo Hungaria in Northern Hungary

Rail Cargo Hungaria assists in helping the emergency repairs and the distressing care for the damaged region of Northern Hungary by organized charity - announced Imre Kovács Chairman CEO in Miskolc today.

As the first step of the action, a one million Forint donation was given to the Szent Márton Pediatric Emergency Medical Service Foundation, as a help in order to purchase the mechanical ventilator neccesary for children's lifesaving in the children's urgency ambulance car of Miskolc. Imre Kovács emphasized in the charity event held at the Ambulance station of Miskolc, that together with the dominant companies of the region, RCH is ready to provide help for the ones willing to substantiate their future with work after the ruinous flood.

The children's ambulance of Miskolc has been used a 11 years old ventilator until now. The lifesaving device is often used during the carriage of mechanically ventilated children (nearly 200 cases per year). The new HT-70 type ventilator is more modern and ensures more safety during the artificial breathing for infants of utterly small weight under 5 kgs and is applicable at intensive provisions. As a tradition, Rail Cargo Hungaria has been supporting the Foundation, earlier it contributed Huf 2 million in the purchasment of life saving medicines and device.

Among others, the Chairman CEO said that when the flood was culminating, Rail Cargo Hungaria sent vagons loaded by stones and carbon to the bridges of the flooding rivers, in order to increase the stability of the bridges in the backwash. On the request of the mayor, the company will help Felsőzsolca, the town that incurred a specially great loss, by its train cars and engines to carry material for the reconstructions. RCH offers this help to Edelény as well. Moreover Rail Cargo Hungaria ensures a 3 day paid holyday for its employees, who participate in the prevention and cleaning up as authorized volunteers.

The company has announced the opening of a Huf 10 million aid-frame to help its employees who are in extraordinary difficult situation after the flood.

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Kurdi Mónika.

Head of Marketing and Communication

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