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Inferior setback than expected

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The entire Hungarian economy started year 2009 in the world- and the entire society-wide crisis. The analyses and the forecasts tried to target the location of the end of the crises, what would be the measure of the setback in production on one hand and on the other hand concerning our branch of business, what effects would the processes make on the freight market, what measure will the shrink be. On the basis of the forecasts, a two-digit economic performance depressions could be ensured and the 2 or 3 times shrinkage of the freight market on the basis of surveys measuring logistics services against the fluctuation of the economy could not be excluded.   

Today may already be stated, that a nearly 10% setback occurred in the economy  and that the freight market "only" decreased by this extent as well. The reason of the performance depression different from and favorable compared to the forecast may be that generally the participants of the production had already long ago started optimizing the logistics activities strongly, consequently any rationalizing or saving was not possible to be made by them.  The other source of the decrease lower than expected, which does not reason more confidence, that there was no time and resource to accomplish, beyond the decrease and closing of the production units, more major structural transformations decreasing the freight performance. With the crises prolonged and with a new rock-bottom to occur, it may happen.

Considering that after Hungary joining the EU in 2004, with the liberation of the market a strong oversupply occurred in the international and by its effect in the domestic freight market and it still exists, it has been obvious that by the falling demand would cause a big number in the shutting down of vehicles, the bankrupts of enterprises. It was not only the carriage of goods that suffered a considerable loss, passenger transport also regressed. A number of workers traveling every day, fell short with the discontinuance of their working places and the vacation travel plans plunged to rather low in the households. In such situation the Hungarian road transport service providers are at a disadvantage towards the foreign ones because of their limited reserves and high withholds. It was distinguishable when the crisis broke out, that a number of the substantial sections of the prominently for the technical group important Agreement of 2008 could not be kept, although it was not the economic crises that caused this.

The Representation of Interest was in a difficult situation, because the technical advantages to be provided to the technical group could be only rejected by referring to superior interests and circumstances outside the government's competence. Besides, when the new crises managing government was established in the spring of 2009, the negotiations, concerning the provisions aiming the improvement of the freighters' competitiveness, were had to be and there was a possibility to re-construe. A number of encouraging sins showed; the  withdrawal of the transportation from the economy portfolio (after seven years), the pragmatism of the government members coming from the economic sector and those declarations which stated that the government  would locate the economic interests above the political ones. The result is miscellaneous but there are achievement, which the profession may be proud of.  For the Hungarian Road Transport Association it was not an inconvenient situation as it always has been professional in the interest representation activities following the principle of giving the rightful consideration to the road transportation service provider technical group and scope of activities in the transportation profession. Not more, not less, considering it's technical features and it's not evadable aptitudes. This sharp demand and the justness of it is independent from the economic situation and from the political courses as well.

(resource: Magyar Közlekedés - Hungarian Transportation)

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