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New name, new strategy, new activities

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Rail Service Hungaria Ltd. lead by István Bajtai had an eventful one and a half year.  Not only the direct and indirect results of the privatization of our parent company were to be carried over to (then still called) MÁV Kombiterminál Ltd., but it was timely to substantially re-think the basic activities because of the market tendencies of the previous years. The renewed company has already started performing the activities and the services. The managing director of the company spoke about it to our magazine.

- Why were the activities of the company necessary to re-position?

- As our old name (MÁV Kombiterminál) pointed out, the company was primary established for the operation of container terminals. Some years back, our company managed a national network, but the number of terminals decreased because of the decrement of the antenna system services and the partners dominant at certain terminals leaving the Hungarian market. 31st of March this year we closed the terminal in Szombathely. The history of closing the terminals was the strategic decision of us: not performing any unprofitable activities, which do not suit the vision of Rail Cargo Hungaria (RCH) Group. Consequently, we only manage the container terminal in Szolnok, the Ro-La terminal in Kiskundorozsma, and we do container lifting in Gyékényes.   

- What is the new strategy of Rail Service Hungaria?

- The complete new name of our company in English is Rail Service Hungaria Railway operator, Cargo and Facility managing Ltd., which indicates that these are the three pillars we would like to build our activity on in the future. The board of our exclusive owner Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. (RCH) accepted the functional vision of MÁV Kombiterminál Ltd., when it was still called that, in February 2010. We had worked it out during 2009. We overviewed the supply chain of RCH company group during the strategy making, we searched for the gaps to add values to. If we had not found such gaps, the maintenance of the company would have made no sense. We keep on reaping interest of our experiences on container terminal, since our terminals that stayed, we are owners in Logisztár Ltd., the company operating the terminal in Székesfehérvár, and the Kelenföldi Konténerdepó Ltd. depositing empty containers at BILK and the Rail Port Arad terminal in Kürtös. Moreover, I personally work in the directorate of the BILK Konténerterminál Zrt. as a member of the board. In the beginning of the year we obtained a portion of property of Konténerterminál Kft. in Törökbálint as a strategic step, and this opened an opportunity for us to be in direct connection with the combined traffic freighters of the parent company, off-line the location.

- The latest news is that Rail Service Hungaria will be a proprietor in the Adony port. Why?

- The projected taking part in the Danube port is a part of our new strategy. With our 10% share we do not focus on the operation of the port of course, but the business in utilizing the synergies of the RCH group. Concerning the group synergy we would like Rail Cargo Hungaria to rail freight and Raabersped Kft. to be able to do the carriage. This is how our 3 companies might participate at one (new) shipment simultaneously, which can not be neglected in respect of efficiency and profit production. In the tri-modal port of Adony (where public road, rail road and shipping are present) above all, we calculate with reloading grain (considering the 84 pieces of 6000 ton silos near the ports), iron ore (in the Ukrainian-Austrian relation) and coke (in the Polish-Romanian relation). But, artificial fertilizer and other products may also be transported by water and rail ways. Although several Danube ports are between Baja and Komárom, we still trust Adony and its good capacities. Of course there are developments necessary to be done at the port so to be able to load 4 ships simultaneously after developing an appropriate technology inside.

- What about the Rail Port Arad terminal in Kürtös?

- The Rail Port Arad terminal got going, it starts to be known. 2010 is our first year in operation and we expect a run up. It seems coming to be true. More and more containers and part-trailer vehicles arrive to the terminal and it looks like that the 8 000 TEU traffic planned for the year is maintainable.

- Cargo management and goods adjustment are traditionally done by your company but the facility management is a new activity, am I right? What does it mean?

- We would take over all out- and indoor duties of facility management, where it is utilized by RCH. The first step would be the cleaning, then the maintenance, destruction of bugs and fire protection tasks. Beyond these, we do office building management duties in case of our headquarters under 25 Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út, which is partly used by us.

- Another exciting duty is your railway company activity. What are your goals in this field? 

- We would like to be present more in the railway operation. We do not only possess a railway company certification by now, but a safety certificate as well, moreover, regional infrastructure operation certificates for the South-Pest region (for the areas of the BILK and the Szabadkikötő). We have been doing the shunting and the setting duties in the area of the Csepel port (BSZL) already for years, while our presence at BILK is relatively new. There we do the settings on our RCH trains with our rented engines driven by our engine drivers working full-time. As of December 2010, our shunting yard masters enter service as well and it will make our service better and cheaper. 36 pair of trains show up at BILK a week, out of them our duty will be to set 30-32 if we signed the related contract with GYSEV. We will not only do the switch onto under the crane track, but we will make the haulage of freight trains from Ferencváros to the BILK in Soroksár, and via the railway station of Soroksári út to the  Csepel Szabadkikötő. This will improve the utilization of the Taurus engines of our parent company, the duration of the run reduces between Budapest-Ferencváros and BILK - which in the worst case was longer than the run between Ferencváros and Hegyeshalom. The next step will be the start up of the broad and the normal gauge shunting activity in Záhony. Probably we can start it by the end of the year.

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