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E-Freight – further discounts for our customers

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Rail Cargo Hungaria takes upon the fee of the electronic timestamps used by customers sending electronic consignment notes. This arrangement concerns circa ten thousand consignment notes of those prominent customers who make the most dominant part of the company's yearly business done.

Rail Cargo Hungaria opened all E-Freight modules free of charge for its customers January 2010. Beside the electronic signature, the electronic timestamp is essential on the consignment notes sent like this. However, its software authorization may only be availed from an outside service provider.  This additional operation would complicate the administration, in technical and invoicing respects, albeit the main point of E-Freight is the assurance of the simplicity and smoothness of the secure data traffic accessible day and night between our company and the customers. Therefore Rail Cargo Hungaria decided to take upon this fee from its customers, so in the future customers shall only pay the expense of the electronic certificate.

With this decision our company would like to contribute to the comprehensive application of a the fast, reliable and convenient data exchange.

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