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Head of Hungrail is leaving

on .

At the end of this year, János Berényi CEO, leaves Hungrail, the Hungarian Rail Association - reported the Association on Thursday. On the same day, Hungrail accepted the report of the Ethics Board at the member's meeting. After the meeting, János Berényi CEO, announced that he would not prolong his contract, which expires at the end of the year. The member's meeting acknowledged Berényi's decision beside esteeming his work done. The member's meeting elected a 3 member operative board with the task to work out the strategy of Hungrail, reinforcing it's railway interest representation activity. Magyar Nemzet, Hungarian daily newspaper reported, that János Berényi asked for an inquiry against himself, after the issue arose about the chief of the interest representation organization being the employee of the Austrian state railway company. The paper referred to the German language e-mail, which had circulated in the profession. ÖBB, the Austrian state railways and its subsidiary Raabersped listed the duties of János Berényi, Eastern European consultant in the e-mail.


(vg.hu, Thursday, 18 September 2010)

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