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Change in ownership, before: MÁV-Tiszavas, after: TS Hungaria

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The historical legacy creator MÁV-Tiszavas of Miskolc received a new owner for it's 151st anniversary. In 2007, when MÁV Cargo had been under privatization, bought the plant, which is one of the most dominant figure in the Hungarian railway workshops.  After the end of the privatization process, the then new owner Rail Cargo Austria AG, on the basis of professional considerations - within the company group, decided for ÖBB TS GmbH to be the new owner of MÁV-Tiszavas, as of 28 June 2010. A name change follows the change in ownership, as of 1st September. The new name of the company - adapting to the image of the new owner -, will be TS Hungaria Kft. The main customers continue to be Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt., Rail Cargo Austria AG, and Gatx AG. Maintenance, the modernizing, designing different rail wagons, and manufacturing new wagons belong to the company's product portfolio.

In 2009, the company achieved a HUF 130 million profit after tax, beside a HUF 5749 million revenue. The plan for year 2010 is a HUF 120 million profit after tax, beside a HUF 7600 million revenue. The increasing revenue is due to the new wagon type, developed by the company. One hundred pieces of the new Eanos type wagons will be handed over this year upon the order of Rail Cargo Hungária Zrt.


source: Napi Gazdaság, 27 August 2010

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