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Rail track network for reconstruction in Záhony region

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A new public procurement procedure for the reconstruction of the broad gauge rail track network in the region, is announced by National Infrastructure Development Plc (NIF). NIF published the new tender after the Public Procurement Arbitration Committee annulled its decision, which it passed at the first procedure and obliged NIF to re-evaluation and a penalty of HUF 3 million. The state-owned company chose to announce a new procedure instead of the re-evaluation. The complex development of the Záhony region logistics, is the fourth part of the Transportation Operative Program. It contains the implementation of the public- and the railroad developments. The target of this public procurement was the reconstruction of the Záhony-Komoró and the Tuzsér-Eperjeske broad gauge rail tracks.



KÖZOP in brief

The Transportation Operative Program (KÖZOP) is an operative program, which provides a basis for the transportation developments to be implemented with the support of the European Union, in the forthcoming 7 years.  Its comprehensive strategy, above all, targets the upholding of competitiveness and the improvement of environmental sustainability.


Role of Záhony in of Rail Cargo Hungaria activities

Suitably with the border technology, in Záhony, the normal gauge rail traffic is performed, while across the Eperjeske border, the broad gauge traffic is performed. The gauge difference causes a goods-stopping role to Záhony, which creates a chance for Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. to assure other logistics services, additional value making activities to its clients, beside the transhipment of goods, the trans-drawing of tank-goods and the axle-interchange on bogie-changing cars. Záhony plays a dominant role in the activity of Rail Cargo Hungaria, the company is present in the town with its own Regional Operations Centre.

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