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We are eager to learn the opinion of our Customers

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The fourth Rail Cargo Hungaria Customer Satisfaction Survey starts 28th September, 2010. Similarly to the practice of the past years, researchers of Miskolc University help our work. Almost 200 of our partners participate in the survey.

The focuses of the Customer Satisfaction Survey are those parts of the customer relation chain, which proved to be considerable in the past surveys. We scan: the satisfaction of our customers in connection with our contract conditions and the customer handling processes, our Key Account Manager system, and last but not least, the performance of our competitors compared to ours.  

The Commissioners explore, whether our customers would like to respond by phone, personally or via the online questionnaire. The online interface will not only help the replying process, but it will significantly facilitate the evaluation as well, moreover, the participants of the survey will have the chance to flexibly arrange their time. Along the improvement of the methodology, the polling is more segmented this year, due to our cooperation with Miskolc University. The method of the inquiry is more customer tailored, compared to the earlier practice.

Our customer satisfaction survey finishes November 2010. We work out an action plan for the arising issues and with its implementation, we may raise on our efficiency and our partners' satisfaction.  

We integrate the results of the survey to our processes to the best of our knowledge, and beside, we express thanks towards our customers for the participation, by charitable activity. Every filled out questionnaire pays HUF 1000 to our charity box. At the end of the year we offer the collected money to an organization chosen by the management.

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