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25th anniversary conference in Velence

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The 25th International Transportation Logistics Conference was held between 29-30 September in Velence. András Vernes Commercial Director represented Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt.

This professional event has a long history. It started as a transportation organization conference and as during the years, it embraced complex subject matters, by now it already has a significance beyond itself and the transportation organization issues. This lead to the renaming of the conference 3 years ago, as above already mentioned, Transportation Logistics Conference.

This year's conference is not only unique by the 25th years anniversary, but also because of the location. Breaking up with the traditions, it was moved to Velence, from Balatonvilágos. Both this change and the colorful professional and spare-time programs resulted a high standard and a successful professional event.

András Vernes Commercial Director for Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. gave a successful lecture in the conference with the title: "The current situation of European goods transporting by rail, solutions for restoring the competitiveness of railways, international precedents".  András Vernes spoke about the situation and the problems of railways in the neighboring countries, and examined the Hungarian railway market tendencies in his lecture, concerning the period between 2008-9. The Commercial Director explained that a traffic increase began, in spite of the economic crisis, domestically and internationally too. The demand from MÁV to raise the additional track access charges from 2011, is a serious problem, it may result a 20-30% freight charge increase, for certain traffics. This would lead to major traffic structure rearrangement: a significant part of the traffic would land on public roads. Vernes mentioned that as a response to the crisis, RCH launched a very serious efficiency improving program that would have such positive effects, which may be sensed by the Clients. The Company has invested more than 8 billion to establish its own traction and has separated additional amounts for other developments as well.

Several leaders and experts of railway and public road freighters and consulting companies attended the conference. They lectured in such subjects as efficiency increasing, implementing logistics tenders, new directions of transportation logistics, waste management and food product logistics.

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