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Long term functionality assuring measures

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The newly composed proposition for efficient employment system, was presented at the Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. - Central Works Council meeting on 12th October 2010. Imre Kovács CEO, repeatedly pointed out, that Rail Cargo Hungaria strives to maintain the high employment level, to a degree, that the economy system allows.

The CEO announced at the meeting, a 460 employees less plan for year 2011, by the reason of analyzing of the operating processes of the Company.

The Company asks the trade unions to support the efforts done in order to maintain the functionality of the Hungarian market leading goods transporting company, in favor of safeguarding the several thousands of workplaces. The workforce reduction is one of the essential conditions of the aforementioned. The CEO additionally announced, that the consultations about the performance of workforce reduction, specified by law, will start 21st October and the regional consultations will start in November.

Since the privatization, the Company practically kept its average number of employees, and assured the employment guarantee, contracted in the privatization agreement, counter to the decreased number of freight assignments. The analysis, which have been made for months, unambiguously indicate, that the current number of employees, which is 3000, may not be sustained among the current circumstances. The scheduling of process changes, and the effects of the process transformations must be taken into consideration at the management planning for 2011.  

The further development of the company staff number may be influenced by the configuration of the expense items, which are being under negotiations with the suppliers. Rail Cargo Hungaria believes that it may preserve its national territorial coverage and the workforce necessary for it. Rail Cargo Hungaria's interest is to be successful in the conciliations and the negotiations.  The Company expects to come to an understanding with the trade unions and does not see the logic in the statements of the trade unions about strikes, which they had made before closing the conciliations.


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Mónika Kurdi

Marketing and Communication Director

E-mail: press@railcargo.hu

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