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Rail Cargo Hungaria hosted Rail Cargo Club

on .

Rail Cargo Club visited us in the beginning of October. The goal of the meeting was the mutual introduction. Dr. Gyula Mihola, Secretary of Rail Cargo Club and Imre Kovács, CEO of Rail Cargo Hungaria held presentations, in which the past two years of the company was shown. 

The target of Rail Cargo Club is to enlarge the share of the railways in transportation, especially in Austria, but in the whole of Europe as well. As György Mihola emphasised, Rail Cargo Club strives to offer globally to the common rail transportation clients, as a rail partner. The tariffs must allow such offers to be worked out for the clients, which are market oriented, and support their commodities to transport by rail. Secretary of RCC explained that the Club would like to contribute to the improvement of the connection between  Rail Cargo Hungaria and its forwarders.

Rail Cargo Club was founded in 1992. It is an interest-association of such companies, that increase the goods transporting by rail.  Five, in majority, rail freight companies established the Club, currently it has 13 members.  

13 representatives visited our headquarters: Agrofreight - Helmut Sommer, Asotra - Eike Grundmann, B & S - Walter Leitgeb, Chemfreight - Dagmar Fenz, Danu - Peter Hungerbühler, DB Schenker - Herbert Zinkl, Express/Interfracht - Günther Engelhart, Gebrüder Weiss - Walter Dolezal, Ireda - Bernd Müller, Roland - Christian Gutjahr, Transpetrol - Geza Schubert, SNCF Wien - Michel Beurier, Rail Cargo Club titkár - Dr  Mihola Gyula.

The lectures were followed by informal chats and a good atmosphere dinner.

It was important for Rail Cargo Hungaria to assure a high level environment and circumstances for the professional meeting. The representatives of RCC went for a sight seeing tour in Budapest and visited Gödöllő as well.

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