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Rail Cargo Hungaria technical forum for the quality management development

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A technical forum was introduced by the Quality Management organization of Rail Cargo Hungaria.

Rail Quality Platform, the first quality management forum was held 8th December 2010 upon the initiation of the Quality Management organization of the company.

The objective of the Platform is to assure a regular chance for the specialists to discuss issues concerning railway, qualitay management and other management systems.

Moreover the Forum strives to draft such technical goals and start such mini projects, which make long-term, and collectively developed high service standards to be achieved.

The quality managers of MÁV-Start, MÁV Pályavasút, MÁV Gépészet and MÁV Trakció and GySEV participated at the first meeting. They introduced their activities in the frame of short presentations and they discussed those technical challenges, which they have met during their work.   

According to the plans, the next technical discussion will be in the first half of year 2011.

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