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RCH – MÁV-TRAKCIÓ: 10 Tauruses received permit to run in Romania

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MÁV-TRAKCIÓ has done significant technological transformations on the s. nr. 1047 Taurus locomotives, with the support of Rail Cargo Hungaria, in order to make them suitable for freight services in Romania as well. The licenses had to be renewed and obtained for the matching the traffic requirements of Eastern Europe. The Tauruses fulfilled the test requirements and received the license for operation.  

According to the agreement between Rail Cargo Hungaria and MÁV-TRAKCIÓ, the train traction company commutes the renewed Tauruses mainly according to the market interests of the ÖBB Concern, and uses them on the Austria-Romania route for the train forwarding of the company group. By this, Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. is able to rearrange their s. nr. 1116 locomotive for domestic forwarding services.

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