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Rail Cargo Hungaria: study tour for Italian students

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In the organization of Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. 25 students and their professors from Sapienza Technical University of Rome arrived to Budapest in February, to deepen their knowledge in the Hungarian railway operation practice. In the frame of the study tour, Karl Zöchmeister, Chief Operating Officer at Rail Cargo Hungaria, Maria Czupponné Bratl, Chief of Transportation Management and Tibor Vízvári, Transportation Management Specialist guided the student in the Ferencvaros railway station of Budapest and at BILK.

The introduction of the traffic control was one part of the study tour, later they visited Keleti arranging station and the BILK Kombiterminal.

After the day abounding in professional adventures, the students with the professors assessed the visit as useful. The participants thanked the chance for the tour and the useful information to the organizers.

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