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Successful test loading at Kiskundorozsma RO-LA Terminal

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Extra-large car transporting trailers became possible to forward on the Kiskundorozsma-Wels route for the company. Rail Cargo Hungaria  Zrt. has never done such forwarding on RO-LA trains.  with the consent of the authorities and  Pályavasút the trailers started to be transported on this route. This allows Rail Cargo Hungaria to expect a significant traffic increase in the future.

In 2010, Hungarokombi noted that they would like to widen their palette of lorry types transported on RO-LA trains and plans to transport car transportation trailers on the Wels-Kiskundorozsma-Wels route. At the technical meeting which was organized in order to start the traffic, a decision was passed on commuting a special test train to which Pályavasút gave a permission after completing all the specified conditions.  

Specialist recorded the navigation and the behavior of the trailer being transported on the RO-LA train. Representative of National Transportation Authority and competents of Train Security Department of MÁV Zrt. Pályavasúti Üzletág attended the arrival to Kiskundorozsma station and the unloading. Rail Cargo Hungaria ordered an increased monitoring on the domestic section and the specified service points. The commuting of the test train and the unloading were evaluated successful by the ones being present.

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