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General Meeting passes resolution about transforming the structure of company management

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The General Assembly of Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. with its resolution of 30th March 2011 established a management structure analogue to the practice of its mother company Rail Cargo Austria. The resolution abolished the former position of single-responsibility Chief Executive Officer.
According to the resolution, Mr. Imre Kovács (currently Chief Executive Officer and Chief Commercial Officer) is still Chairman of the Board in charge of corporate strategy and commercial strategy and activities of the company, while Mr Arnold Schiefer (Chief Financial Officer) is responsible for the finances and Mr. Karl Zöchmeister (Chief Operational Officer) is invariantly responsible for operations. The General Assembly of Rail Cargo Hungaria a few months ago already extended the board membership of Mr. Imre Kovács until 2013.
Furthermore, The General Assembly called back Mr. László Nagy from his position as Member of the Board and elected Mr. Erik Gerard Regter as new Member of the Board until 2nd December 2013.

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