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RCH: work safety has been improving further

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The Railway Security and Protection Organization at Rail Cargo Hungaria prepared the report on the evaluation of operational safety situation of the company in 2010. Árpád Berecz, Manager of the Railway Security and Protection Organization highlighted the result of the evaluation of which the number of work accidents decreased by 40% compared to year 2009.

This result is extraordinary because the company achieved the advancing tendency beside a 10.9% traffic increase and an increasing number of employees occupied in very endangered positions. There had not been any fatal accidents, the accidents which occurred, had been minor mainly, cases with a short recovery time. The operational safety indexes have been improving and this is due to the employees of RCH, the work safety representatives, and the systematic, cautious work of the Railway Security and Protection Organization.

The organization has a constant good relation with the authorities and offices. RCH assured sufficient circumstances following the requirements and the work protection and safety tools necessary for the individual work. The Railway Security and Protection Organization has done all work safety supervision, the health and safety inspections, and has done the arrangements for the prevention of accidents. The further improvement of work safety is a preferential goal of Rail Cargo Hungaria in 2011.

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