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Another step for vitalizing the rail traffic in Záhony

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In April, Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt., MÁV Zrt. and Záhony-Port Zrt. initiated a common strategic collaboration in the interest of vitalizing the rail traffic of Záhony. As a new step of the cooperation, Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. and Záhony-Port Zrt. held a meeting in May.

The participants of the meeting agreed to establish a working group supporting to broadening of the commercial and operations cooperation and signed the framework contract which serves as the basis of the cooperation. According to the agreement the aim is to improve the common trans-shipping technology and other logistics operations of consignments transported in the CIS countries. The next meeting will be held in June, at which the competent colleagues of the companies will decide about the structure, the scope of activities and the coordination of the working group consisting of the specialists from RCH and Záhony-Port. The plan is the make the vitalizing effect of the cooperation significantly sensible already in year 2012.

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