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New Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. branch office in Lemberg

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The new office of Rail Cargo Hungária Zrt was handed over in the frame of an opening ceremony 23rd September 2011 in the centre of the Railway Directorate in Lemberg. Mr. Miklós Sebők  is the General Agent of Ukraine, the CIS and the Baltic States as of 2011.

Until 31st December 2010, the branch office had been in Kyev. The new office was opened after the retirement of the Kyev representative, upon the agreement between RCH and UZ.

Austrian and Hungarian executive officers of Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. partner companies, MÁV Group and executive officers of Ukrzaliznica, the Kazakh, the Polish, the Russian Railways and trans-shipping companies participated at the opening ceremony. The prominent participation of Mr. Pich Bogdan Petrovic, Director of the Lemberg Board highlighted the event from the operative point of views.

The national colour ribbons were cut by Mr. Imre Kovács Imre, President CEO of Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. and Mr. Pich Bogdan Petrovic. Mr. Miklós Sebők Assigned Representative said: The advantage of the Lemberg branch office compared to the old Kyev office is that it is close to the border and therefore the improvement of the old and the new partner and business relations will be easier. One of the major goals of the office is to increase the volume of the to be transported goods between the Ukraine and Hungary, due to its activity and its active personal relations.

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