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First successful journey: no shifts in personal and machinery, even beyond borders

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Shortly after 10PM February 13th the first Rail Cargo Hungaria train without personal and machinery shifts departed from Ferencváros station to Vienna and returned back to Budapest.  Zoltán Gáli Engine Driver drove the Taurus engine of RCH, Béla Salamon COO and Szilvia Feldmann-Siklósi Project Manager Szilvia personally wished all the best for the first journey.

RCH COO said that to perform duties beyond borders is of strategic significance for the company. Personally Mr. Salamon is proud of those four engine drivers who qualified to obtain the Austrian engine driver's license and added that he is convinced the engine drivers will be able to execute their tasks in such services that are of high responsibility, because they are well skilled, careful and own the necessary abilities and technical knowledge. Mr. Salamon wished them good journeys and safe services.

Our colleague, Engine Driver Mr. Gáli performed the nearly 10 hour shift without problems, drove 500 kms safe. The train forwarded to the destination station 1800 tons in 32 railcars to Vienna and backwards 693 tons in 22 railcars without stoppage. 

Forwarding consignments will be a daily routine with the other engine drivers of the team: Attila Alföldi, Csaba Gábor Prohászka and Gábor Tóth-Zsiga Gábor. Before receiving the Austrian public traffic engine driver's license they all learnt and passed exams in language and practice skills in the frame of different courses.

Experiencing success until now, Rail Cargo Hungaria strives to integrate engine drivers step by step into the interoperability training, that would prepare colleagues for the successful exams in the Austrian education system. Read more about the first engine driver group training in the upcoming issue of our magazine.

Congratulations to our engine driver colleagues! We wish you safe rides and arrivals!

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