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Rail Freight Summit-International railway conference

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Senior railway executives of 9 countries consulted the best utilization of the freight efficiency beyond borders. The so called "International thinking", which took place in Budapest, 4th April 2012 assisted with its program to the better understanding of companies with different market positions, organizational structures and owners' demands still depending on each other and the program also helped to open doors to synergies.

Dr. Gábor Rácz, Head of Railway Regulation Department opened the conference with the message from his Minisitry of National Development, at a prior informal event. Beside the member of the Rail Cargo Austria Board and President of the Rail Cargo Hungaria Board, representatives gave speeches from Trans-Siberian Traffic Coordinating Board, Romanian CFR Marfa, Croatian HZ Cargo, Slovenian SZ Cargo, Ukrainian UZ, Slovak ZSSK Cargo and Russian Railways. At the traditional yearly international conference top senior executives of MÁV, GySEV, GySEV Cargo and Hungrail Rail Cargo Hungaria also participated.

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