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Cooperation at the sector for the enhancement of railway property protection

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Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. and MÁV Zrt. organized the most recent pan-European corridor X workgroup meeting in Budapest. The workshop (see on the picture) is a forum for cooperation for asset and traffic security organizations in the region - for Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Serbia, Bulgaria and Hungary. The participation of our company is extremely important because of the significant passing traffic through Hungary. Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt was represented by Mr. Arpad Berecz Head of Railway Security and Safety.

Mr. Dubravko Zoricic Head of Croatian Railway Security, Head of the workgroup and Dr. Andras Turos Head of MAV Zrt Security Board opened the conference together. Dr. Emil Toth Head of Security, Representative of observant GySEV introduced the security status of the company and afterwards all participants introduced their companies' comprehensive picture in railway property protection.  

István Vikor Colonel Hungarian Police Headquarters Security department outlined the aspects of criminal offences on rail from the point of view of the police. Dezső Tóth Communication Specialist at MÁV reported about the measures done against graffiti. László Csere Head of Property Protection dept. at MÁV held his presentation about the individual protection of passengers and conductors. Afterwards, one of the most tonic themes was the suggestion to introduce the project securing the safety of the pan-European corridor X, all participants alike saluted to this significant subject.

The aim of the project is to be able to coordinate the information flow among railway security organizations of the different European countries between the police and the private security services and to assist to the development of solutions in security and safety in passenger and cargo transport. Another aim of the project is to develop risk analysis for transit traffic and make a proposal in the subject of the collective management of protection against smuggling and pilfering and terror. The workgroup's duty is to facilitate the efficient and continuous contact keeping among the railway safety and security organizations from the different countries. Rail Cargo Hungaria assists to the aforementioned duty, with its recently introduced GPS based wagon direction sensor and signal system. Árpád Berecz (see Árpád on the right side of our picture) presented this system on the second day of the conference. (Let us inform you about the security system after its first application.) As a conclusion, the workgroup voted for their continuous membership in the cooperation forum. The next workgroup meeting will be held at ZFBiH in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina in September.

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