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FTC Rail Cargo Hungaria gained international recognition for RCH

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Rail Cargo Hungaria, Hungary's leading rail freight company, considers preparedness as the essence in business and in sport as well. Preparedness is essential to success to focus on such competition which is tough but based on fair play rules, because surely in both areas, the best, and the most prepared participants can expect success. Therefore, since 2011, the key player of the CSR at Rail Cargo Hungaria has been the best-known Hungarian sport club, the FTC women's handball team. Strategically, the team is very important to support for the railway company, and this cooperation can increase the visibility of both parties..

Since the name sponsoring, the name of RCH has been intertwined with the popular and successful high performance sports team showing, that such cooperation is beneficial in many ways. The railway company is proud of the team's continuously improving performance; the team provided 28 members to the Hungarian women's handball team in 2012, had provided six players already before -- the same amount as the Győri Audi ETO, three persons more than last year.

FTC Rail Cargo Hungaria among the elite Hungarian women's handball teams won a KEK championship again in 2012, just as last year and for the second time during the 1.5 year sponsorship agreement with team. In connection with thisInIn connection with this, on Wednesday May 16th on behalf of the company Imre Kovács (CEO, Chairman of the Board) gave gift packages for the team members in a ceremony held in Győri Audi ETO as part of the match against RCH. Imre Kovács said encouraging words of congratulations to the new KEK championship title following the rival team of Győr, who also expressed their appreciation with flowers to greet the team.

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