• 1116 017-3 kicsi good
  • DSCN8394 kicsi good
  •  MG 3153 kicsi

Traction capacity of Rail Cargo Hungaria increased again

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In May 2012 two new Taurus locomotives were added to the fleet of Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. The company took over the 1116-014 and 1116-015 track number locomotives in Vienna. Due to their arrival - keeping in mind, the existing framework contract train-km warranty with MAV TRAKCIÓ - additional areas will be possible to be deployed from the RCH own traction vehicles. These were the first two locomotives, which the company took over from ÖBB when developing their own traction capacity. These vehicles were returned to the Austrian company but they run on Hungarian tracks again.

The two new Taurus locomotives enriching the RCH fleet, already has built-in power meter devices, which allow electricity accounts based on actual consumption in the near future. As a preparation, a project is now in process in the company. Within the project of the already used 18 locomotives are being equipped with the same equipment. With the takeover of the two Taurus locomotives, RCH owns a total of 20 modern locomotives that are available to customers, ensuring a accurate, predictable, high-quality service, high availability and balanced employment of train drivers.

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