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New Silk Road Conference

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The intensification of Chinese-Western-European traffic is of a high priority

The Kazakh national railway company (Kazakhstan Temir Zholy, KTZ) organized the second, New Silk Road Conference in September in Almati, where Béla Salamon operational director, and Miklós Sebők foreign representative represented Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. and the Hungarian Railway industry.
The expert event initiated by the Kazakh railway company was aimed to provide an overview of the carriage possibilities arising from the relocation of Chinese industrial production to the North-Western part of the country. The freight companies, forwarders and logistics companies participating in the event examined the freight opportunities provided by a new transport route aligning the traditional Silk Road from China's westernmost province to Amati.

The conference was introduced with an international expo entitled Transit Kazakhstan 2012, where the representatives of RCH held a meeting with the authorised representatives of the Russian railways (RZD) to coordinate the joint tasks, and touched upon the new possibilities to intensify our cooperation. On the second day of the conference Béla Salamon held a presentation introducing the operation of the company and highlighting its carriage and logistics capacities that enable RCH to assist in the new freight services.
At the end of the programme the participants visited the Chinese border where they inspected the adjoining border station at Khorgos and its logistics and transhipment terminal under construction. Another Kazakh investment was also on the agenda, the construction of the International Cross-Border Cooperation Centre, which is built between the already existing public road border cross and the railway border cross under development. Both investments indicate the expectations for significant freight traffic in the region, which will be closely watched by RCH since it is vital for the company to recognize and utilize new business potentials.



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