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Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt also successfully participated in the recent disaster management exercises

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A disaster management exercise was organized by the Heves County Disaster Management Directorate on the marshalling station of Eger with the involvement and active participation of Rail Cargo Hungaria (RCH). The RCH provided the adequate wagon and documents for the consignment for the presentation. The exercise was conducted according to the preliminary plans. The alleged incident took place in the road passage of the station, when a wagon loaded with dangerous (pyrophoric) goods collided with a road vehicle during shunting. The consignment – since it was not secured – crashed over and caught fire. The driver tried to extinguish the fire, but fell down and lost consciousness. The driver of the vehicle was seriously injured, after his rescue from the wagon he was transported away.

At the sight of fire, the colleagues of MAV immediately notified the fire department; the work of the disaster management authority began subsequently. 

katasztrofavedelemThe exercise was deemed unanimously useful by the participants. According to their assessment, these presentations could be of great help to the responsible leaders in live situtations in providing proper and prepared responses. The county director of the Disaster Management Directorate laid special emphasis on the excellent relationship developed with RCH while thanking the support, participation and organizational assistance of the participants

The enhancement of transport security is a priority for Rail Cargo Hungaria, therefore the company was glad to take part in the exercise of Eger, which also furthered this aim.

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