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Track closure at Kürtös - Announcement

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Dear Partners,

The Romanian rail network operator has notified MÁV of the fact that it will impose a full closure on its tracks from 7:00 on 15. 06. 2013. until 17:00 on 17. 06. 2013. between Curtici station and the border due to performing line maintenance works.

As a result, Rail Cargo Hungaria will not receive consignments, on the border stations or domestic stations, which are transported abroad via Lőkösháza border-crossing from 00:00 on 14. 06. 2013. until 12:00 on 16. 06. 2013.

The closure announcement is only of an informative nature for the time being, the exact and final track closure details will be included in the upcoming ÁFK.

Please consider the above closure announcement when planning your carriage.

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