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Track closure on the Hodos – Ormoz line and Divaca station

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Dear Partners,

The Slovenian rail network operator has notified our company of the fact that the major track renewal work on the Hodos – Ormoz line section has recently been resumed, necessitating total track closures on weekends from Saturday 02:00 AM to Monday 12:00 PM. The closures are planned to last until 9 December 2013 and will be resumed in February 2014, with targeted ending date in June 2014.

Consequently, all weekend rail transport operations will be redirected to a diversion route via Croatia an Austria. The diversion does not in any way affect the agreed commercial conditions of carriage.

In addition to the Hodos – Ormoz track renewal, another major reconstruction project is currently ongoing at the Divaca (79-44200-4)station, with total station closure planned for 1st May 2013, from 08:00 AM to 11:00 PM, and several minor closures expected in May and June 2013.

Please consider the above closures announcement when planning your carriage.

The original notification letter of SZ Railways can be found here.

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