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New era in Southeast-European rail freight transport. Rail Cargo Carrier launched its first train

on .

Budapest, 9th April, 2013. The first block train of Rail Cargo Carrier Kft. (RCC) was launched today from the BILK Terminál in Budapest towards its destination of Railport Arad – Curtici (Romania). The company, which was founded this year by Rail Cargo Group offers to complement the already existing services of its parent-company by offering slimmer, more flexible and cost-sensitive rail freight transport services in the Southeast-European region's carriage market.

rccRail Cargo Carrier entered into the competition of the regional rail freight market with the most modern traction vehicles and railway equipment, and complex cross-border services. The company acquired the licenses necessary for gaining access and use of the Hungarian railway infrastructure, and is planning to acquire safety certificate for Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Ottó Horváth, Managing Director of Rail Cargo Carrier Kft. noted that the company operates in a service centre position. Its appearance in the regional rail freight transport market was based primarily on the utilization of resources made available by Rail Cargo Group and ÖBB Holding. The company entered into a framework agreement with Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. concerning the tasks related to the transport of freight trains in Hungary. The company organized and launched its new unescorted combined carriage in relation of Hungary-Romania based on an order requested by Hungaria Intermodal Kft., a subsidiary of Rail Cargo Group. The two companies have joined forces to launch a direct intermodal transport service between BILK and Ploiesti.

Gábor Spellenberg, Managing Director of Hungaria Intermodal Kft. stressed the strategic importance of the transportation of block trains destined for Romania. It has been the company's long-time goal to establish a direct connection between the two terminals under the Group's management - between BILK Budapest and Railport Arad. The containers under the care of the company could only be transported to Arad as single wagon consignments, rendering their services uncompetitive against public transport. The launching of the rail freight transport services of Rail Cargo Carrier Kft. finally offers a possibility of delivering consignments   within the duration of 10 hours from Budapest to the cranes in Arad. Railport Arad constitutes an important part of the Romanian strategy of Hungária Intermodal Kft. Building on the success of these trains, the company intends to develop its block train services between Hungary and Romania, with special emphasis on connecting the Ploiesti (Allianso) terminal into the traffic.

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