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Rail Cargo obtained the ECM certificate

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Gyula Győri, Chairman of the National Transport Authority presented Dr. Imre Kovacs, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. with the ECM (Entity in Charge of Maintenance) certificate newly prescribed by the EU.

The fact that – from 1st of June 2013 – wagons without railway safety certification are not allowed to run within the European Union, and that maintainers are obliged to have an ECM-certificate, gives special importance to the presentation. Both the railway undertakings and the authorities had little time to adapt to the new regulations throughout the European Union. Rail Cargo Hungaria (RCH) is the first Hungarian rail freight company that has received the ECM certification in accordance with the new EU-regulation. Since RCH transports nearly 80% of its traffic across Hungarian borders, and a significant portion of its transported wagons come from outside the EU, the certificate is essential for the operation of Hungary's market-leading freight company.

Gyula Győri emphasized at the ceremony that the NTA acted as the authority in compliance with the rules, but also showed flexibility and helped the professionals of Rail Cargo Hungaria involved in the implementation and certification of the complex project. The traditionally good cooperation between the RCH and the authority was noticeable again throughout the work. He stated that the competence of Rail Cargo Hungaria is considered exceptionally good by the experts of the Hungarian authority. The successful completion of the project was facilitated by the orderly and efficient flow of information between staff-members.

Dr. Imre Kovacs, upon receiving the certificate, rendered thanks to the National Transport Authority for their support and fast administration. He said that as a responsible company, Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. traditionally pays special attention to the safety of its operation. To this aim, the company carefully and regularly monitors the technical condition of its vehicles, among other things. The task presented by the newly completed project was, however, the establishment and operation of a process-oriented wagon maintenance system that can guarantee and align wagon-operation security to the rail-infrastructure companies' safety management system, in accordance to new regulations. The goal was to develop a technology to record, collect and store data in conjunction with freight wagon maintenance in accordance with the provisions of the ECM. The result is a separate IT-system, in operation from 1st June 2013, developed by the company for tracing information and documents on rolling stock maintenance with daily maintenance documentation.

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