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Successor of Arnold Schiefer designated

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Reinhard Bamberger, the former manager of ÖBB and DB Schenker Rail GmbH became the third member of the Board of Directors at Rail Cargo Austria, the freight branch of ÖBB.

It is now certain that the backdoor allowing the return of Mr Arnold Schiefer, the CEO of Alpine, to ÖBB was finally locked, since Chair of the Supervisory Board of Rail Cargo Austria recommended the acceptance of Mr Reinhard Bamberger as the third member of the Board of Directors at its meeting on 21st June. This was confirmed by the final decision of the Supervisory Board of RCA at its meeting on 11st July.

Mr Bamberger, an experienced rail and logistics professional, was born in 1963, in St. Johann im Pongau. After his graduation in 1981, he joined the Austrian Federal Railways, and, in early 2000, became the member of the management of Rail Cargo Austria. He was responsible for operations at the company, where more than 1000 employees belonged in the organization unit under his direction. Simultaneously, Mr Bamberger was also the manager of the chemicals business unit.

In 2005, after 24 years at ÖBB, Mr Bamberger cut his ties with the holding and joined the German company Post World Net DHL – Raileurope. In 2007, he was responsible for the Central and Southeast European region at Railion Deutschland (which, since 2009, has been operating under the name DB Schenker Rail GmbH). In 2010, he took over the direction of the Vienna office of the company, which position he quit in late 2012.

As the third member of the Board of Directors of RCA, Bamberger will be responsible for direct customer relations and transportation subsidiaries.

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