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Agreement between Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. and the Federation of Railway Unions

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Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. (RCH) and the Federation of Railway Unions (Vasutas Szakszervezetek Szövetsége – VASZ) have reassuringly, and – along their common interests – successfully settled their cases at issue. The agreement on the matter at hand was signed on 13th June at the headquarters of Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. by Dr. Imre Kovács CEO, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and by the authorized representatives of VASZ: Tibor Mózes (VDSzSz Szolidaritás), Róbert Zlati (Vasutasok Szakszervezete), Mihály Bezdán (Mozdonyvezetők Szakszervezete). The agreement helped to bring a satisfactory conclusion to the collective labour dispute of the parties.

Dr. Imre Kovács stressed at the signing of the agreement that he is pleased with the company's ability of finding a solution with the unions to the current labour issues. He emphasized that Rail Cargo Hungaria aims to maintain and increase its results in 2013 compared to the previous year, and secure its competitiveness for the long term. In this undertaking, the company looks for support from all of its employees, and asks the unions to convey this message to their members. Representatives of VASZ have gladly noted that the negotiations were successfull without the adoption of other measures at the union's disposal. This fact re-established the typically constructive relationship between the company and the unions.

In the agreement, the company have reaffirmed his commitment to adhere to the extent of collective redundancy measures agreed with and accepted by the unions, namely that if the number of employees involved in caretaker-programs reaches the set rate, the RCH will consider the rightsizing of the company to be complete for the year 2013.
Within the frameworks of short term measures it has been agreed that RCH – in close cooperation with the unions – will conduct a technological survey of the workforce.
Consensus was reached be the parties on resuming talks in autumn about mid-term objectives, and defining the labour policy milestones of the coming years based on the three year business plan of the company to be completed by that time. RCH and VASZ also consider the successful extension of the Collective Agreement on the bases of full consensus to be a defining result.

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