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Development proposals for the creation of green rail freight corridors

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Budapest, November 8th 2013 - Concrete results have been achieved in the GIFT-project (Green Intermodal Freight Transport) - co-financed by the European Union and Hungary - by the participating national institutions, companies and experts during the past year and half. This was the conclusion of the "Transport 2013" workshop – hosted by the Hungarian coordinator of the project, Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. –, called to evaluate the progress of the work done in international partnership.

The analyses of the current status of the transport corridors have been prepared, and applicable best practice solutions have been determined. Development proposals were formed on the basis of these studies, the implementation of which would enable transport running on the corridors to become more environmental-friendly.

Experts presented the results of their research and their proposals for further development on today's workshop. Based on these analyses, new guidelines and strategies were outlined in terms of infrastructure, consignment-handling processes, resources, information and communication technology, norms, harmonization and standardization, which would enable the promotion of greener transport on the selected corridors. The workshop was attended and the proposals were commented by concerned political decision-makers, market participants, infrastructure operators and carriers. The related studies are accessible on the official GIFT website.

The Transport 2050 strategy of the European Union proposes the creation of a competitive transport system, which would decrease the CO2 emission of European transport by 60 per cent until 2050. Within the framework of GIFT, project partners – in line with the expectations of the EU – explore the possible solutions for decreasing environmental load of transport on an international level.

The project is aimed at mapping out, analyzing and evaluating the current status of the pan-European transport corridors of Southeast Europe – namely corridors nr. IV, V, and VII – and, based on these results, devising new guidelines and strategies for the development of innovative green intermodal freight corridors in the region.

The project is supported by the European Union's SEE Transnational Cooperation Program. The Government of Hungary provides support to the Hungarian partners by assuming 10 per cent of their project budget. 24 project members from 10 countries work on the success of GIFT; the leading partner is the Greek Transport Ministry, while Hungary is represented in the project by Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt., IFKA Iparfejlesztési Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft. and the Bajai Országos Közforgalmú Kikötőműködtető Kft. The current workshop is hosted by Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. The market-leading rail company regards environmentalism to be a key value.

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