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Sectional track closure between Szolnok and Szajol stations

on .

Dear Partner,

Based on the information we received from MÁV Pályavasúti Üzemeltetési Főigazgatóság (MÁV Infrastructure), we inform you that there will be construction work in the Szolnok region on 13/07/2014 till 12PM, due to which the left and right tracks between Szolnok and Szajol stations will be closed in sections during day and jointly during night.
In the past few days the traffic was also hindered by a cable break in the construction area, therefore further congestion in freight traffic is to be expected in this section.
We apologise for any inconveniences you might experience. All concerned employees of MÁV Pályavasút and Rail Cargo Hungaria are working on the elimination of congestion.

You can read the full text pdfhere


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